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Daddy, What's A Train

By Rick Boland, Donna Butt, Jeff Pitcher, David Ross, Terry Reilly,& Glen Tiley


The Americans affectionately called her “The Newfie Bullet,” and everyone else called her the greatest  ride in the country. In her heyday there was no better way to travel. She offered the best food, fun, service, and down-home hospitality, oh and she got you across the island too. It wasn’t fast, but you didn’t want the ride to end anyway. Daddy What’s a Train takes us on a journey from the first days of the railway to CNR’s take-over after confederation to her last run. Ride the rails with us. A great time will be had by all. Daddy What’s a Train was Rising Tide’s first show 40 years ago, so you will even see some of the familiar faces that started it all.

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