New founde lande trinity pageant

Conceived and written by Rick Boland & Donna Butt
Directed by Donna Butt

The anchor event of our festival, the pageant takes you on a journey through the town of Trinity. The whole summer company will entertain you and enthral you every step of the way. You will meet an array of colourful characters as our past unfolds in story and song. You will long remember Dustabella Durdle’s first winter here, Peter Easton and his band of pirates, the Minister consoling his parishioners at St. Paul’s Church, the raucous mischief of the old travelling court, the heart wrenching stories of hardship and privation, and above all the strength, courage and humour of our people. And you will surely sing the Ode to Newfoundland as you bid farewell to a great and grand recreation of our cherished past. For 25 years, the Trinity Pageant has been hailed by all who see it as a moving and joyous tribute to our beloved New Founde Lande.

Please prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. As it is an outside walkabout, proper footwear is suggested, and we cannot guarantee that walkers and wheelchairs will always have an unobstructed view. If you have special requirements, please contact our box office.



dinner theatre

A feast of mischief, music, and merriment with a meal besides. You will be entertained by many of the magnificent musicians, singers, and actors in our company as they sing and play their way through the traditional songs of our culture. Music, recitations, and great comedic skits and the monologues of Tina Randell top off the evening.



Salt-water moon

By David French
Directed by Donna Butt

This delightful hit returns for its 21st  season. It takes us back to a lovely summer evening in 1926 when the moon is full and young Jacob Mercer has come home from Canada to win back his sweetheart. Mary Snow is about to marry the merchant's son but Jacob will have none of that. This funny and moving play will warm your heart and put a twinkle in your eye.


Terese's Creed.jpg

Terese's creed

By Michael Cook

Terese’s Creed is a tribute to the women of Newfoundland and Labrador who, through hard work, humour and indomitable spirit, survived the good times and the bad in small out-ports in the early 1960s. Find Terese, played by our Artistic Director, at her old wringer washer and eavesdrop as she talks to herself about her fisherman husband, her kids and a time passed but much missed. She’ll make you laugh and she’ll make you cry — she might even make you wring out the laundry.



Adapted by Petrina Bromley from the book by Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott

Commissioned by Rising Tide Theatre

Petrina Bromley has skilfully adapted this magnificent book of photographs and monologues gathered from around outport Newfoundland. Petrina’s adaptation blends beautiful, stirring photos with traditional Newfoundland songs and stories that capture an outport way of life disappearing before our eyes. Trinity has the perfect group to present this feast of sights and sounds. Petrina is currently performing in the hit broadway play Come From Away





By Kevin Major
Directed by Donna Butt
Design by Frank Lapointe
Commissioned by Rising Tide Theatre, adapted from the novel published by Doubleday Canada

July 1, 1916 is remembered as the day the best and brightest of a generation of Newfoundland men were virtually wiped out. From every bay, cove and town, from fishing stage to merchant’s home, they marched off to the Great War, proud members of their own Newfoundland Regiment, never suspecting what one terrible morning of treachery would bring. Our soldiers were part of the immeasurable toil of war, yet as they travelled to distant lands they were never without the spirit and humour they brought from their homeland. You will see why this July morning will never be forgotten.




By Ben Pittman
Directed by Donna Butt
Commissioned by Rising Tide Theatre

He was known as Newfoundland’s favourite son, a shy fellow who became a musical hero to the thousands of Newfoundlanders who migrated to Ontario in the 60’s and 70’s looking for work. With his button accordion and a great band, Harry brought the audiences to their feet dancing and singing along to the old tunes that reminded them of home. Newfoundland clubs were a feature of Ontario then and Harry filled them. His popularity soared, he hosted a TV show from the Caribou Club, he sold gold records and he brought joy to thousands. Along the way there were great highs and sad lows but always there was that smile, that wink, that celebrity who was just one of the folks. With this show his times and his music live again.  


West moon

By Al Pittman, published by Breakwater Books Ltd.
Directed by Ruth Lawrence

This story captures all the power, laughter, joy and stubborn resilience of those who populated the out-ports of yesteryear, back before they were drove from their homes by the fishing grounds to so-called growth centres. On All Souls night every year the dead of St. Kevin's come alive and talk to each other.  They bring us back to the golden age of the Newfoundland out-port as every unique and every dynamic relationship is relived in their banter, their humour, and their fond remembrances. Al was one of our greatest writers of poetry, plays, songs, and short stories.

A Tidy Package

By Berni Stapleton and Amy House

This comedy/drama will have you laughing with glee one moment and shedding a tear the next.  Set just after the cod moratorium in 1992, two sisters struggle to come to terms with a community turned upside down. This is a play about family, about loss and about the courage to move forward. Written by two of Newfoundland’s finest writers, it is a roller coaster of a ride, a journey where you will experience the strength of the human spirit, the resilience of our people and our natural humour.   A Tidy Package stars Amelia Manuel and Michelle Rex Bailey.


The Nobleman’s Wedding

By Pamela Morgan

This beautiful folk opera returns to Rising Tide, in all its expanded glory. Based upon the gorgeous melodies and classic stories in the ballads from our oral tradition this piece will enthral in a story where love, lust, faith, hope, and betrayal come together. It is in many ways a culmination of Pam’s life work and a fitting homage to the rich legacy of our forefathers. Brilliantly sung by a large company this sweeping tale will win your heart.


Round Robin

By Robert Chafe

Here they are - the Hockey Moms. You have seen them in the rink cheering on their kids with a vengeance unmatched by the fiercest NHL enforcers. They are dedicated. They are colourful. They are the real cheerleaders ofhockey. This hilarious play captures them in all their mad glory. Pucks fly and pandemonium ensues. Great fun is had by all. Written by Artistic Fraud’s Robert Chafe, one of Newfoundland’s finest andmost successful playwrights with shows including Oil and Water and Tempting Providence. We are pleased to bring this show to the stage.