Everything is falling - oil prices, PCs, pavement. The only thing that is going up is the deficit and Dwight Ball's seat mates. Alice has fallen through the rabbit hole or was that Charlene? "Oh dear, oh dear", says the March Hare - "shall we go visit the queen, well at least her representative Frank Fagan. We need some wit, I mean an election writ!"

What a year for Revue! Will Bill Barry, Frank Coleman and Judy Manning make their first appearance in the show? Will Steve Kent blow up and burst from enthusiasm? Will the NDP fall lower than a barrel of oil? Will Nick McGrath be flattened by the nearest paving truck?

So much to write about and that's just a few of the politicians. Then there are roundabouts in Paradise, stranded airline passengers in Stephenville, whales rotting in Trout River, Danny scoring for the Ice Caps, nurses from Jamaica and tons more. Stay tuned. We will fill you in on more as we go along. All the old gang are back for the 30th year!

Rising Tide Arts Centre, Trinity

Rising Tide Arts Centre, Trinity




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